Saturday, May 23, 2009

3 month update

13 April 2009
Here are my answers to some questions another mom asked on a forum

How's baby?
Amazing! Gabriel is a happy, mellow baby who loves interacting with people and has been trying to stand up and even bounce since about 1 month old. Now that he's actually able to he is so pleased with himself. Julio and I are loving watching him learn about his world. He's just starting to reach out to toys and sometimes grasping them to bring them to him, very exciting! We live in Costa Rica where baby wearing isn't too common (though breast-feeding is, thank goodness!) and so we get tons of comments when he's in the sling - everyone thinks he's so cute, asks "is he comfortable in there?", or comments "oh, must be just like when he was in your belly!" I thought I would hate that kind of thing, but it turns out that both of us love the attention!

How's nursing working?
Wonderfully! My LO is a good eater - latched on at 3 minutes old and we both continue to enjoy nursing. I am soooo thankful that we figured out the side-lying position early on since I really love being able to get him latched on and then fall back asleep. Neither of us really wake up for it!

Are you working?
I am so blessed to be completely available to my baby for right now. DP and I agreed that I would have the first 3 months just to be a mommy. That doesn't mean I haven't done anything work-related, but I've just been working behind the scenes (such as the urgent work email I finished and sent after I'd been in labor for 3.5 hours?!??! Or the nights under a deadline working 8-11:30pm while the baby sleeps?! Ugh... we are trying to figure out something better.) Since we have our own business, we have control over and flexibility about how I can integrate back into the daily running of it. I feel kind of bad because this is our high season (we do custom eco and adventure travel in Costa Rica!) and DP is shouldering nearly all the burden of emails, calls, and creating itineraries. I've been thinking about advertising for either a babysitter or personal assistant so I could get 3-4 hours of work done a day.

Are you tired?
My LO sleeps wonderfully well - for his whole 3rd month he pretty much feel asleep on his internal clock at 8pm, and slept until 11:30pm (give or take), woke up to nurse and to play for a short time, then slept again from about 12:30 to 7am. So... I haven't been feeling sleep deprived unless I stay up super late of my own volition - there have been a couple nights of cooking until 2am so I can do it uninterrupted!

Are you having any troubles?
I had mastitis twice and a plugged duct once - all of which were hell for a short time! Other than that I feel very lucky and blessed; I have an easy baby, motherhood comes naturally and I am content with my life situation. I am especially happy that my friends (the ones who live locally) adore and dote on Gabriel and can't get enough of him... so we have potlucks and dinners out and he is more than invited along. I think that being able to have a social life post-baby was a worry for me and it is no longer.

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