Saturday, May 23, 2009

Elimination Communication at 7 weeks - starting out

3 March 2009 - Gabriel at 7 weeks

EC'ing since: flirted with EC since his birth (cueing when he peed during BFing or when he pooped), starting in earnest just before 2 months (using timing, cueing, and lots of nakey time)

Diapers (use 'em? what sort? how often?): CDs when out of the house - usually prefolds in Bummis SWWs or Kushies AIOs. At home we are using Motherease OSs (aside from nakey time) because I can leave the covers off for more immediate awareness/action. He is used to a dry diaper, so fusses right away when he pees.

Favorite 'potty': I've been using prefolds when I am nursing and we are also starting to use the Baby Bjorn Little Potty. His first "caught" poop in the potty was when I first posted this (3/3/09)!

Other info: My best friend Liziee from elementary school started ECing when her daughter (now 7 years old) was born and I was fascinated to hear about it - she inspired me to read Diaper Free! and be prepared for ECing my own baby.

I am a perfectionist so this is hard for me... I am trying not to obsess over ECing, but still focus on it. Hard balance! My other friend who has successfully EC'ed tells me that I'm doing just fine and the best thing is just to relax and enjoy the process. I guess it's good to remember that there's no deadline and that he'll most certainly be diaper free before anyone else his age!

Our current stage: I generally hold him over a prefold while I'm nursing and make our cueing noise ("pssst") when he pees. But he does spend most of his days and all of his nights in cloth diapers - I'm leery of putting him in the sling without a diaper cover. Not sure why since he's dry I'd say 90% of the time when I get him out! Most of his poops we've caught; they've either been while he was nursing over a prefold or he waited until we were already changing his diaper to let loose!

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