Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gabriel at nearly 2 months

5 March 2009

Gabriel is cooing and laughing all the time now, which is just hilarious!

He's an angel baby and is sleeping wonderfully well at night - pretty much from 8-11pm, then wakes up for some giggles (and often some time on the webcam with Grandma & Grandpa), then nurses and goes to sleep until 7am. That does include one or two diaper changes & nursing sessions for which I don't really have to wake up fully.

I never expected such a mellow baby. Julio says he did - I guess his personality is shining through our little one! Thank goodness; I was not an easy baby myself! He only cries when he had a need to be met, and really is so sweet with us.

He adores his bath - smiling and splashing or just blissing out looking like he's meditating. He doesn't cry even when he gets sprinkled with water or water in his eyes, only when he's actually being taken out and dried off! He loves his bath so much that I've taken to giving him half of his bath, leaving him in his little tub while I shower (with an eye on him every second, of course!) and then finishing his bath after I've gotten dressed. (He does have a little terry hammock thing that sits him in his tub securely.)

During the day he spends a lot of time in the sling - just observing and sleeping a lot. He also spends some time in the little bouncer seat when the sling gets to be too much for me - he's generally happy to let us eat our meals while talking to him there!

We are very much in love and enjoying being his parents!

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