Saturday, May 23, 2009

Elimination Communication at 3 months old - we are really getting the hang of this!!!

21 April 2009

Just wanted to share our rousing success: over the past week I've lost track of how many pees we've caught per day - it's been anywhere from 5 to 10+ each day!! Plus, just a few days ago Julio cued Gabriel to pee and he went immediately, which has made him even more of a believer in ECing. It was so validating to hear Julio and my friend (who wants to get pregnant soon) talking enthusiastically today - my friend had just observed two successive cued pees and said "I'm completely sold on the idea now!" The thing I love most is that our baby considers this form of peeing and pooping completely normal as opposed to doing it in a diaper.

Tricks I've been finding especially useful:
*Using a cloth diaper without a cover at home during the day so that if he fusses I can immediately tell by touching the outside whether he needs to pee or if we've had a miss.
*Offering the opportunity in the mornings upon awakening and after every nap
*Offering the opportunity after nursing; my little one seems to have stopped automatically peeing during nursing (which he did for the first couple of months)
*Offering the opportunity whenever he gets squirmy or fussy
*Having my little one naked for several hours a day when it's nice weather
*Keeping the BBLP (Baby Bjorn Little Potty) by the bed at night and by my nursing rocker during the day
*Giving my little one the opportunity to pee outside whenever possible

In his second and third month we were pretty darn good about catching the poops, but recently he's only been having bowel movements when he's super relaxed - like in the bath (ew!!!) or asleep. I had a particularly frustrating time last week when I knew he had to poop so I offered the potty (not interested), then he had the bowel movement in the bath less than 30 min later.

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