Saturday, May 23, 2009

my personal plastics report!

17 May 2009
Gabriel is now 4 months, 1 week old!

Plastic for my Babe:
I have been teased by DP's family about only allowing 100% organic things touch my baby's lips, but in reality I'm not so good. His (rarely used) pacifier is silicone which I understand to be safe. His teether is a plastic made from corn resin (definitely BPA free, etc.) from so I don't have to worry about that (although I would hate to lose it!!!) I do worry about the rest, though. He has a few stuffed toys that are polyester and/or have velcro, which he loves to suck on. Plus he's been sucking on the toys on the hand-me-down Tiny Love playmat and Fisher Price bouncy seat, which both pre-date awareness of PBA free plastics... I've been debating - should I take them away from him even though he seems to adore them?!?!?!

I do have hand-knit, sewn and crocheted toys, plus a wooden rattle but he has not yet taken an interest in any of those. He does love his quilt that his grandma made for him. Oh, and of course books - but I've noticed that a lot of books seem to be printed in China these days... should I be extra concerned about the ink being toxic?!?

Plastic in the Kitchen:
I've been teased by Julio about being a freak regarding minimizing plastic use in the kitchen.

I cook on the stovetop exclusively in stainless steel and cast iron, microwave only in glass or ceramic. The only Teflon thing I have left is the rice cooker and I've debated getting rid of it, but hard to do when rice is a staple in my Tico (Costa Rican) family and we only have two burners on the stove anyway!

For storage I've been trying to switch over to glass Pyrex and Ball jars as much as possible, but I still use plastics for storage (in fridge & freezer & dry goods) when food is already fully cooled.

For drinking water I religiously use a Kleen Kanteen or Sigg bottle. I'm just starting to figure out pumping for those times when I'm away from my babe. For breast milk I bought glass baby bottles, but find that they are enormous and not very realistic, at least right now. The storage bottles that go with my Lansignoh breast pump are BPA free, so I'm going with those. Silicone nipples only.

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